Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque


Aliza, we did not use the mask here

My daughter is 7 years old and she has a beautiful head of curls-so I say. According to her, straight hair is the way to go. Although I try to show her the beauty in it and explain that when she’s older she’ll have the option of wearing it straight or curly, it’s difficult for her to accept  since 95% of girls in her class have stick straight, no frizz hair. One of the biggest difficulties in having a daughter with pretty curly hair is that while she longs to brush it all the time (she’s very girly, sigh) I make sure she only does so while her hair is wet, straight after her shower. Which brings us to the actual brushing. It takes time and patience. You can read my previous posts on my general routine here and here. I still do pretty much everything there but I do not use the brush anymore and I have some newer, better products. Let me know in the comments if you’d like a detailed updated routine.

I’ve spent the past few years doing research and trying out different products. My intention is not to add thick-super strong holding products. I want her hair manageable and as frizz free as possible. Her hair is not kinky-and though she had more of the bottle-curls when she was younger, Continue reading

Presenting Mbellishd!

As some of you may know, I have been selling custom hair accessories for 7 years under the name Headturner Boutique. I felt it needed a name change and am now presenting Mbellishd!  I will carry the same items (more types of things may be added…), have the same service and same prices! For those of who follow me on Facebook, they will officially change the page name in the next few days.

My new email for inquiries and/or orders is:

New link for my website:


Please be patient as I will be slowly adding photos to the site!

Thanks to all my great customers who have helped me get this far!





Stain removal trick-it really works!

This week I noticed a 4″ diameter stain on my fave greyish denimish skirt! No idea where it came from (a cooking splatter does NOT look like that). Panic mode set in. It was almost as dramatic as it sounds lol.

Level one of damage control consisted of a bunch of spritzes of Shout Stain Remover. I left it overnight and the next AM rinsed it to find nothing changed. Bahahawaaaaa!!! I spritzed more.

I then remembered I had read somewhere sometime about shampoo taking out greasy stains. Makes sense I guess. Greasy hair, greasy stains…I tried it. I poured some


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Love my new kicks!

ImageSo I know I’m way behind on the wedge sneaker trend.

I always thought it looked super cute but I hesitated for a few reasons.

Here are my reasons and why they don’t stick now (I rationalize very hard lol):

One, I rarely walk out in sneakers so I figured when would I end up using them?

They give a totally different vibe! They take it up a notch, so they are more shoes than sneakers but are still very casual.

Plus, I have enough shoes.


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New shoes!

Maybe I’m nuts but I looooove new shoes!

While shopping for my girl’s shoes, (which I always do online) I’ll be honest and say I ventured into the women’s section and fell in love with these cute little shoes! The black and white combo is so crisp and fresh. They are pretty comfortable although maybe not for long term walking. I suffer for fashion anyway.

Now I just need the weather to break!!

I got them at Nordstrom and they are by Halogen.


Review: Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner

Hey Girlies!

Hope this frigid winter weather is behind us all! You know winter is here for too long when you tell your 7 year old daughter it’ll snow again and she rolls her eyes. Anyway, on to makeup!

I sometimes debate with myself regarding what makeup product I would choose if I must pick only one to use forever. What would you choose? I can’t make up my mind. Lipstick adds a pop of color, blush brings warmth to your face, but I must say, eyeliner gives the entire face more definition. I use all kinds of eyeliner, liquid, gel and stick. Here’s my review for the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner.

One of the reasons I decided to give it a try is the color options. There are 29 colors in this collection! Ranging from brights to darks, neutral to fun. I have it in the colors Stingray, a jet black, Peacock, a teal,and Purple Tang, which is just that-purple.

It glides on like a dream. Barely any pressure is needed

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Dupe found for the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

ImageSince I’ve amassed a fairly decent size makeup brush collection, I’ve been really trying to take care of them. I try to spot clean them (when I remember lol), but every couple of weeks they go in for a major cleaning.

I found the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove on Sigma’s website and it looks like an ingenious idea! It is essentially a silicone style mitt resembling that of an oven mitt. It’s double sided with each side featuring different textures for which you are supposed to use for different cleaning processes for various size brushes. Sounds all good and dandy, huh? Well, I was really tempted to get one, it seems it would do a better job at deeply cleaning the brushes than my fingers, but at the price tag of $35 I just couldn’t bring myself to do it before further research.

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Review: Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

Hi ladies!

ImageWe all are in the habit of just swiping on mascara, maybe adding an extra coat to get that length and volume we crave. While some people are blessed with luscious lashes, I for one, am so happy I stumbled across the Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. I actually have this for about two years, and while I don’t use it everyday, when I do you it I’m like I should use this everyday lol!

One swipe of this hg primer is miraculous! If I sound over-enthusiastic it’s because I am lol!

When I use this under my regular mascara and it literally add loads of length and volume. I think the science behind it is that this coats the lashes and when you use the real mascara, it has this extra layer to adhere to. It does not add any clumps.

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